The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

by At Mourning's End

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released September 24, 2013



all rights reserved


At Mourning's End Coon Rapids, Minnesota

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Track Name: Through the Cracks
Thought we found a place our peace could rest
Many promises were made none help up to the test
Battles we did not initiate we left to stop the toxins
Coursing through our viens

We ran from city to city taking our peace
Weather beating us down looking back is detrimental
Fallen steeple and broken temple for accepting a half crown

I did not to leave but I'll shake the dust from my feet
The city calls for us to come leave a town where
The Word is not welcome

Tired to settle down but the warnings did ring aloud
No place for us to stay with all of hell to block our way
All the people on the otherside our guard is up with open eyes
The place we've known is far from home our only hope is the open road

Would not take, what we said
They'd rather do evil
And walk with a demon as their head

Repeating doubts and accusations crumbling their old foundations
Our words did not stay now its gone away
The floods will come and seperate

Shaking that very place and God told us to escape
We will go
We will shake
We will go
The dust from our feet

Thought we found a place where our peace could rest
Track Name: Locusts
All of our efforts you crushed under
your uncommitted hands

Showing your good deeds wanting payment
to give what we owe

This division is not a disease of our infancy
These walls are built up to keep out the locust and the leech

Sinking while I carried you waters deep
I wont drown for you

You waste my time taking everything you can
I don't align with you god's design

Parasite attaching to others' destiny
Jumping from dream to dream
Eating and gorging to feed its' emptiness

And when we say no you stab our backs
Using a heart wrenching story showing one side of the coin
You'll get nothing more from me pity dried up for you long ago
The growing debt you made we forgave but you just want more

I don't know what to say any more
These words reached your ear
But you turn them around and put the blame on me
Track Name: The Wolf
What are these words you've taken
This curse that keeps you separated from the truth in our eyes
You walked away and dropped your crown now a wolf claims your life

This beast has stolen your crown
Your authority, all of your power, has been thrown
To the ground

Too long have you sat in the shadows
you're released from the claws that grip so tight
How dark are the dreams you've dreamt
Breathe life again breathe life in again

I am the wolf's bane
Cutting down words he's said
I will not follow anything he preaches

So hide your forked tongue behind your teeth
And be afraid of these words I speak

Open your eyes and take a stand
Justice will be the end

Because the wolf stole it all from you
Cut you down and cut you through

Turn it around

You reject the answer one day you'll see
There are ones that hinder keep us from moving forward
One day you'll see
Track Name: In Sheep's Clothing
Your lie is charming with purity and innocence
Preaching reconciliation and unity at the pulpit to the crowd
With a ministry you look for fame saying you did it in His name

You never really want to change holding onto guilt
You wallow in dismay the mouth is really hard to tame
It dug so many graves

Your show is pias and pure backstage is slander and booze
With stolen affections you hide from authority

Like a peacock you strut but never moving forward

I extended a friendly hand like summer to winter
Instead I got a chill up my spine all the days you came to mind
The feelings of your shadow grew as you avoid your cross
Each day i saw your heart grow colder as you disobeyed more and more

Trying to fight for the truth all the time you are full of darkness
I won't accept your crime I won't take what isn't mine
You know exactly what you do manipulation you control
No one seems to know deception you use and they turn to you

Things will be uncovered your twisting God's words
And putting it into their heads convictions should be evident
But yours seems to be dead

To the snake you try to knock the light from its stand
Secret crushes burying covenants you stole once
You will not steal again
No More

Here's your warning snake you bit my ankle
I'll crush your head

We will be free of this deception our song we'll sing
We won't regret it
We will be free of this deception our song we sing
We won't regret it
Track Name: Spear The Wolf
Wolf amongst the sheep
Hides in plain site we are cut off
Speak life and we will follow

As sheep we will know the voice of our shepard
Calling above the howling of wolves
My eyes they tire searching for your refuge
Among the prowling wolves

I watched you bring us down you made us fear
So we sharpen our spears
Many took a wrong turn with a scream fell
So far down into the dark

Too long you hid within the sheep
Wolf you will be hunted
Ending here with your head on a spear

Sheep we hear our shepherd
Among the howling wolves